Africa Centre for Epidemiology

ACE Centre of Excellence was founded in the fourth quarter of 2016 as part of Nestor Asiamah’s effort to contribute to the maintenance of population health through independent translational research. Located in Accra, Ghana, ACE has made remarkable headway so far in carrying out or facilitating translational research in the areas of health care, gerontology, and epidemiology. Our strategy is to continuously build an international network of reputable scientists and draw on its expertise and passion for quality research, with the principal aim of contributing to the realisation of the sustainable development goals for health.


To facilitate novel and translational research and mediate stakeholders in the dissemination of scientific information and knowledge.


We aspire to be globally admired for championing quality research for the advancement of health care delivery as well as public health policy development in Africa and beyond.


  1. Excellence in service
  2. Quality in outputs
  3. Timeliness of actions
  4. Integrity of results

Research Areas and Groups

  1. Health services research
  2. Gerontology and geriatrics
  3. Health research methodology
  4. Epidemiology